The most important services of Opal

In the field of investment and general trade

What distinguishes Opal services

One of the most important objectives of Opal Investment and General Trading Company is that it seeks to open cooperation and provide our service in the field of supply, where Opal company serves its services in accordance with international standards and standards by a group of experienced in the field of procurement. The company strives to satisfy its customers, establish long-term relationships with them, and contribute to their needs as soon as possible, at reasonable prices and according to special specifications.

The company also has international offices and a team of distinguished work to achieve the fastest speed in the delivery of services and functions and has a wide range of agencies and trade relations with the best international companies in the leading industrial and commercial sectors.

Credibility at work

Opal deals with the best international lines, provides excellent shipping services and values calculated based on total weight and value according to the prices of different international markets, providing the most accurate direct tracking services for shipments.

Speed in delivery

Opal services are characterized by speedy completion of shipping and customs clearance procedures, speed of extraction of papers, certificates of origin and, of course, competitive prices to reduce the cost of export and import.