OPAL Investment & General Trading Company

One of the leading Libyan companies in the field of commercial and investment supplies, was established in 2015 and was one of the first to realize the need to provide trading services in the commodity market. The demand for this service led to the rapid growth of business in terms of number of customers and the turnover of production and product range.

Successful Partnerships

The main objective of Opal’s services is to keep manufacturers and buyers as soon as possible in spite of their different location in the world and to enable customers to get their goods and services as quickly as possible, within a reasonable price and realistic time scale.

Management & Planning

Opal always strives to provide companies with the best professional business services and support them with all investment and financial advice. With our experienced staff, our company ensures that customers receive clear offers, regular schedules and accuracy in execution.

Successful Deals

Opal offers consulting services and various commodity sources, has strong contacts with manufacturers around the world, and has the expertise to help you succeed and minimize business risk. It helps you understand foreign trade policy and trading processes.

What distinguishes Opal services

One of the most important objectives of Opal Investment and General Trading Company is that it seeks to open cooperation and provide our service in the field of supply, where Opal company serves its services in accordance with international standards and standards by a group of experienced in the field of procurement. The company strives to satisfy its customers, establish long-term relationships with them, and contribute to their needs as soon as possible, at reasonable prices and according to special specifications.

The company has international offices and a team of distinguished work to achieve the highest speed in the delivery of services and functions and has a wide range of agencies and trade relations with the best international companies leading in the fields of industrial and commercial.

Our Services Include


Study the application

Understand all buyer requirements, such as materials, packaging, compliance standards, etc.


Communication services

Providing all translation, counseling and communication services.


Processing of presentations

Prior identification and qualification of a number of potential suppliers to the buyer and the processing of samples of goods for evaluation


Contract Transactions

Arrange factory visits to specific suppliers, and assist in price negotiations


Logistics Services

Arrange for the supply of production samples for approval, and the management of shipping operations and customs clearance of customers.