Building & Sanitary Materials

Full support for real estate investment projects

Since its establishment, Opal has focused on meeting the increasing demand for building materials in Libya. From the beginning, the company’s founders insisted on helping its customers to obtain high quality products at competitive local prices, which earned the company a good reputation in the Libyan market as one of the best supply assistants.

Opal has a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals in the field of construction and marketing, whose mission is to regularly search for new markets and suppliers, and to see the quality of the products and their availability with the best specifications and prices.

Opal helps you in supplying
  • Prefabricated buildings, rails, hollow roofs, angles, sections, wires, sheets, sheets, striped sheets and sheets.
  • Iron, steel, locks, clamps, grabs and other metal scraps for buildings or furniture, and fittings for punching or hydraulic forming, cutting tools, separators, hammers and non-electrical domestic heaters.
  • Sheets, sheets, barbed wire and rails Steel and alloy steel, automatic block, automatic tile, industrial stone for cladding, cladding and flooring.
  • Equipment for the production of centrifuges and heat exchangers, condensate cooling towers, distillation towers, and distillation containers, steam boilers, mixers