Household & Foodstuff Trading

Securing high quality products conform to manufacturing procedures

Opal is keen to select the demands of its customers with great care. The high quality products are chosen, which is the first and most important criterion in the selection of products that are imported according to their request. The company has an experienced purchasing team and researchers to meet the needs of customers according to their aspirations in terms of product quality And specifications of shipment, storage and supply.

Our decades of experience in the raw material trade enables us to continuously analyze the international market and advise our clients on well-known brands in terms of price development and purchasing decisions.

Opal, quality assurance of demand
  • Opal offers you the best line options for producing, distributing and marketing many varieties of high quality food.
  • Opal is committed to the implementation of quality management system and food safety, and follow all that is new in the field of importing food and household items.
  • Research to secure various sources of materials required, taking into consideration the safety and quality of the product and according to the best prices according to the customer market.
  • Providing appropriate conditions and services to increase cooperation in the application of quality systems and achieve their objectives according to the required specifications of customers.