Industrial Facilities & Equipment

Opal Services for Industrial Property Owners

Opal provides all the necessary requirements for the factories in the field of supplies of industrial facilities and equipment. Our work extended to include Libya and all the Arab countries, because we are distinguished by the minimum supply and the longest warranty period for our products and provide the necessary spare parts and the highest technical efficiency at the best prices to suit all customers. In the possibility of manufacturing as per customer request and after-sales service and we have a team of engineers and technicians to be trained on how to use the machine in the shortest possible time.

Opal helps you to supply the best:

Gas and petroleum pipelines and fittings

Tools, equipment and tools for drilling and construction

Power transmission equipment, mechanical movement and factory spare parts

Metal molds for various production industries

Hot air generators and HVAC equipment

Prefabricated insulating panels and insulated car boxes

Control panels, filters, shears, punching presses and hydraulic equipment