Supply of Raw Materials

Full support for commercial and industrial companies

Opal Investment and General Trading offers all kinds of auxiliary services in providing industrial production raw materials for various types of factories including:

  • Plant raw materials and raw materials used in paints industry
  • Food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and feed materials
  • Adhesives, glues, glues, and antioxidants
  • Powdered milk products, ammonia acids, katuna seeds, and acid regulators
  • Lecithin, saccharin, starch derivatives, micro algae, and extracts
Our Supply services include
Plastic Industries

Opal offers all types of PET & PVC packagings used in various types of plastic industries such as bottling plants, juices, soap, bags, stickers and plastic cups.

Metal Industries

Opal offers its services in supplying iron, metal and wooden factories, such as decoration factories, furniture and various chemical factories, and assists in the supply of spare parts.

Packing lines

Opal provides its customers with factory owners all the solutions and techniques for supplying packaging machines with the provision of support, maintenance and raw materials for their operation.

Support services

Opal is constantly supporting its customers through the provision of supply, installation and maintenance technicians, with the supply of spare parts and production lines on demand.